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Your Makeup Problems Solved: Makeup Revolution Malta

April 21, 2020

Your Makeup Problems Solved: Makeup Revolution Malta

No matter how meticulously you apply your makeup, sometimes things just refuse to work out! Whether it’s your eye-makeup creasing after layers on layers of setting spray, all your makeup melting off because of the summer heat, or finding out the new foundation you bought is half a shade too dark, it’s little problems like these that can take your look from hot stuff to hot mess. 

Fortunately, they’re not problems that are impossible to fix! Sometimes, the best products you can use are the #triedandtested favourites that people go back to when their makeup is struggling. 

Makeup Revolution Beauty’s products currently stocked in Malta are affordable, high-quality, and easy to use, which makes them perfect for people looking to try out different solutions to their problems; after all, we all know how individual each skin type is, and how what works best for one person might not work for everyone. 

With that in mind, here are our favourite problem-fixers to tackle those pesky issues that crop up when you least expect them. 


1. Eyeshadow creasing, clumping and fading throughout the day

Oily eyelid girls represent: we see what you’re struggling with, and we’re here to help! If your eyeshadow goes on patchy and falls apart, or worse, goes on perfect, and then falls apart while you’re out and about, this one’s for you. 

Your eyelid isn’t exempt from the same problems that your skin might have. Oily eyelids, monolids, and hooded eyelids can all make it difficult to achieve a crease-free eyeshadow look, but there’s no need to bin the palette and turn to an eyeshadow-less life. 

Think of your eye-makeup as an extension of your base makeup. If you wear a primer underneath your foundation, you know what we’re going to tell you to try now: Revolution Beauty’s Prime & Lock Eye Primer. It’ll help hold your eyeshadow in place for long-lasting, even application that can keep you going until your makeup has to come off. Make sure you find a formulation that’s specifically for eye use, as your face primer might be too harsh for the delicate skin on your eyelids!

Revolution Eye Primer - Prime & Lock

Revolution Beauty’s Prime & Lock Eye Primer - €7.99



 2. Crumbly, dried out eyeliner

There’s nothing worse than trying to perfect your cat-eye technique, and your eyeliner keeps flaking off, smudging, or not really showing up. There can be a couple of reasons for why this is happening: your product is old, and dried out (looking at you, eyeliner-purchased-in-2001), or you’re using a product intended for a softer, smokier, more natural look. Both of these are fixable issues! 

For products which don’t put down much pigment, try layering a black shadow on top of it. This will give you a softer liner, which is perfect if you’re looking for subtle, but with enough pigment to still make it pop. 

For products which are dried out, you can try letting your eyeliner pen sit tip-side down in hot water for a few minutes. Before you try applying it again, shake it to mix the product up, and then run the tip over the back of your hand. Your eyeliner should start to form solid black lines again - if it hasn’t, we’re afraid it’s too dried out to resuscitate. 

If your eyeliner is still too soft-looking, or you can’t restore your liner, we’ve got another solution for you: try the Revolution Pro Supreme Flick Eyeliner, which can create beautiful, sharp lines that dry down to a matte finish and last all day without flaking. 

Revolution PRO Supreme Flick Eyeliner
Revolution Pro Supreme Flick Eyeliner - €̶5̶.̶9̶9̶ €4.80

3. Foundation settling into fine lines and powder

Being from a hot Mediterranean country, everyone knows what it’s like to put perfect foundation on in the morning, then catch sight of yourself in a mirror on your day out and see that it’s started to crack, flake, or fuzz around your fine lines, giving you that cakey look that’s hard for anyone to pull off. 

This happens because your skin is secreting oil throughout the day, which disrupts how your foundation is sitting, and creates that cake face nobody wants. Using matte foundations and full-coverage foundations can make the effect worse - mostly because your skin tries to produce the oil itself to make up for what it perceives to be a lack, and, well, full-coverage foundations are more obviously applied than sheer ones. 

Fortunately, there’s a few things you can try to make your foundation last longer. 

Firstly, we recommend packing blotting strips with you. This can help absorb oil and excess foundation so that you can avoid that patchy look. 

Secondly, make sure your skin is hydrated before you put your base makeup on! That means wake up early enough in the morning that you can do your regular skincare routine, and really give it time to sink into your skin. 

However, it isn’t just skincare: you need hydrating base products as well. Follow up your routine with Revolution Beauty’s Hydrate Primer - a clear, glowy, lightweight primer to help your makeup last longer. The water-based formula gives your skin a much needed moisture boost, which will help diminish oil production. 

Revolution Hydrate Primer

Next, set your makeup with a moisturising fixing spray. We like Revolution Beauty’s Hyaluronic Fixing Spray, using our skincare favourite hyaluronic acid, an ingredient which locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated throughout the day. 

 Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray

4. Foundation too light or too dark

We’ve all been there: you think you’ve gotten your perfect foundation shade, bought the biggest bottle you can find, and taken it home. Your first day wearing it, and that perfect, elusive shade makes you look a little too orange or a little too white. It happens. Foundation shades, in particular the half tones, are complicated to get right - but it doesn’t mean your foundation purchase is wasted when this happens! 

We’re here to tell you about foundation mixers. 

Foundation mixers are just that: they’re products you can drop into your foundation to custom-blend a matching shade for yourself if your foundation is too dark or too light for you. All you need to do is dot some onto the back of your hand, or your mixing palette, and mix up your regular amount of foundation. It might take a few tries to get the shade you wanted, but it’s okay: the bottles are huge, and you only need a little bit of product!

It also saves buying an extra foundation, and wasting the one you just spent your money on!

We recommend trying the Revolution Pro Lightening Foundation Mixer if your foundation is half a shade to a shade too dark. For foundations which are too light, we recommend the Revolution Pro Darkening Foundation Mixer

Revolution Pro Lightening Foundation Mixer - €7.99


Both are lightweight, water-based formulas, so they should work with pretty much any foundation, and any skin tone!


5. Dark under-eye circles

One too many late nights? Just chronically dark under-eye circles? We feel you. If your concealer isn’t cutting it to cover up those marks, and you’re having to plaster on foundation just to make sure your base isn’t skewed, we’re here to tell you there’s a better solution. 

Try our Revolution Pro Correcting Primer, in Peach. Because peach is at the opposite end of the colour-scale, this can go a long, long way towards cancelling out the dark circles underneath your eyes. Simply tap on a little bit with your finger, and blend out as needed. Follow it up with a fuller coverage concealer. 

Revolution Pro Correcting Primer (Peach)   - €8.99

For oily skin, we recommend Revolution Conceal & Define Supersize Concealer: although it’s fuller coverage, it’s super light-weight, and it won’t settle into your fine lines or your pores. 

Revolution Conceal & Define Supersize Concealer


For drier skin? Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Concealer, which has an infusion of hyaluronic acid to hydrate your under-eye area and create a natural-looking finish. 

Is there a problem we haven’t covered here? Write in your makeup issues, and we’ll do our best to help! Keep an eye on our Facebook page too, for the latest news.


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