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PAYOT 48-hr Anti-Perspirant Skin Perfecting Spray - Alcohol Free

48-hour anti-odour effectiveness. An incredible concentration of energy, it provides a double antiperspirant and skin-perfecting action.

This deodorant, with its light and delicate fragrance, offers 48-hr antiperspirant effectiveness and a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Ideal for: All skin types

Texture: Fresh Spray

Presentation: Aerosol of 125 ml

Usage: Apply only to clean armpits.

Time of use: Day | Night | Day & Night

Warning: Do not apply to damaged or irritated skin. In case of irritation, discontinue use. Do not spray near the eyes. Shake before use. Hold the aerosol upright and spray 15 cm away from the skin, onto the armpits only.