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Clinique Blended Face Powder & Brush

Who It's For
All Skin Types

What It Is
Clinique's signature, superfine loose powder creates a finish so smooth, flaws (and pores) seem to disappear.

What It Does
Lightweight, airy powder sets and perfects makeup. Skin-hugging formula makes pores seem to disappear. Silky-smooth finish reflects light for extra radiance. Effectively absorbs surface oil. Gives skin a fresh, natural look.

How To Use
Apply after makeup.
Invert powder canister and tap gently to allow powder to gather in tray.
Dip Powder Brush or included brush in powder, gently tap off excess and apply to face.
For the most flawless look, use Clinique's Powder Rubdown technique: Pour powder into palm of hand, coat fingertips with powder then gently pat and smooth fingertips over skin. Brush off excess.
Note: Brush can hold a single application of loose powder for later use.
Dip into powder, twist down and cover with lid.
Carry "loaded" brush in your evening bag or makeup pouch.

Great To Know
Coverage & Finish:

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