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Dermedic MELUMIN Protective Day Cream SPF50+

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MELUMIN dermocosmetics offer effective protection against hyper- pigmentation of diverse causes and its alleviation at all stages of its formation and consolidation. Hyperpigmentation of the skin is a condition that intensifies in middle and older age. It is caused by the disturbances in the process of melanin synthesis that occurs in the skin cells. Changes in the pigmentation may affect the epidermis, the dermis or have a mixed, dermal and epidermal nature. Developed by Dermedic's R&D Department Melumin TristageTM Complex, effectively combats hyperpigmentation at the 3 stages of its formation:
(a) inhibits the activity of tyrosinase (b) limits the production of melanin in melanocytes and (c) blocks the delivery of melanin to the epidermis
Sensitive Skin
Skin Care | Frequent Use | Mature Skin | Depigmentation
Texture: Cream


Melumin TristageTM – a three-stage hyperpigmentation protection system Very high level of protection against UV radiation (SPF 50+)
Brightens existing dark spots and hyperpigmentation of diverse causes Anti-free radical and anti-ageing properties
Hypoallergenic with thermal water

Time of use: Day

Thermal water, Melumin TristageTM Complex (arbutin, Lightderm, vitamin C, niacinamide), UV filters, vitamin E, coconut oil

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