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Dermedic OILAGE Night Cream Restoring Skin Density


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Mature, sensitive skin requires complex and specialist care that will visibly delay and reduce the signs of ageing. It requires creams that will not only moisturise and hydrate it, but also restore its lipid protective barrier and effectively retain water within the cells. The innovative, oil-based OILAGE formulations delay the process of perimenopausal skin ageing of the skin, as well as provide nourishment and regeneration. Due to the ANTI-POLLUTION formula, which supports the anti-oxidant defence system and increases the density of the epidermal matrix, the products protect the skin against air pollution.
OILAGE dermocosmetics visibly improve the condition of the skin and restore the parameters characteristic to a young-looking skin.

Sensitive Skin
Skin Care | Frequent Use | Mature Skin | Antiageing
Texture: Cream


Improves and lifts the contour of the face
Reduces the depth and length of wrinkles
Ensures intensive regeneration
Eliminates internal and external causes of ageing
The Anti-Pollution formula stimulates the defence properties of the epidermis Non-comedogenic
Hypoallergenic with thermal water

Time of use: Night

Thermal water, TriOleumTM Complex (soy bean oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, soy isoflavones), Reforcyl®, hyaluronic acid, glycerine