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Glov Man Body Wash & Peeling Glove

Maximum effect with minimal involvement with just one tool

What should you know about skincare glove for man?
Do you like to be well-groomed, but complicated and lengthy grooming rituals are not your thing? We understand it well, that's why we have created a tool that allows for multi-level and effective care in a short time and anywhere.

Step by step - how to use body wash and peeling glove for man?
GLOV Man glove was made to wash and peel the male body. You can use it with only water or your favorite shower gel.

It is easy to use and has a comfortable shape. It prevents the ingrowth of hairs and the formation of blackheads. Regularly used improves the overall condition of the skin.

Apply the shower gel to the glove, massage the body in circular motions and it's ready!

Hang to dry after use.

Additional information:
Reusable up to 3 months. Handwash only.
Composition - 90% bamboo fibre, 10% polyester

Glove for washing and body scrub for men. A simple and effective solution in the fight against ingrown hair and blackheads!