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Glov Travel Set for All Skin Types

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Our favourite make-up removal products enclosed in a breathable cosmetic bag

What should you know about makeup remover set?
Less means more! Take only what is necessary and continue to dazzle your beauty.

GLOV TRAVEL SET will bring out your beauty wherever you are (in a tent, in a five-star hotel or a treehouse).

This Travel Set includes an On-the-go makeup remover in Cozy Rosie for combination skin, a Quick Treat makeup correction thimble, a Magnet Cleanser for cleaning gloves and makeup brushes, as well as a hook, thanks to which you will hang the glove to dry wherever you are. The whole comes in a pink cosmetic bag that will fit into any luggage.

Pink makeup removal set in your favourite beauty case. Makeup removal on the go has never been easier!