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Clinique Quickliner™ For Lips


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What It Is
Helps keep lipstick in place. Prevents lipstick from feathering, bleeding. No sharpening required.

What It Does
All-day lip liner. Use to line and define lips or smooth all over lips before lipstick application for extended wear. Non-drying formula helps keep lipstick in place. Prevents lipstick from feathering and bleeding. No sharpening required.

How To Use
Prepare lips for colour with All About Lips.
Swivel up only 1/8" (pencil does not retract to avoid exposing formula to air, which is drying).
Follow "dot-dot-dash" method to ensure ease and accuracy of application: Draw two dots on upper lip's bow, a dash across bottom of lower lip, then connect all three.
To extend lip colour wear, fill in lips with liner, then follow with lipstick.
Recap securely to protect formula.

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