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Pixi Rose Beauty in a Bag

Pamper yourself with this handy Pixi Botanical Collagen Beauty In A Bag with four products that make your skin glow by complementing each other perfectly. Remove your makeup with ease with the Botanical Collagen Cleansing Cloths, boost your skin with the hydrating Botanical Collagen Tonic, the In-Shower Steam Facial cleanses and nourishes intensively and switch it up with the Botanical Collagen Mask for an instant collagen boost.

The compact sizes make this set perfect to bring with you wherever you go. Also great as a gift!

The set consists of:
- Botanical Collagen Cleansing Cloths (10 doekjes): contains collagen en peptides. Cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates, removes dirt and makeup, rejuvenates skin.
- In-Shower Steam Facial (15 ml): contains peptides en acacia collagen. Self-heating, deep cleansing mask.
- Botanical Collagen Tonic (40 ml): contains acacia collagen, peptides, coconut water en sea salt. Plumping effect, targets fine lines, improves tone and texture, intense hydration. Alcohol free.
- Botanical Collagen Mask (15 ml): contains phyto-collagen en antioxidants. Plumping effect, creates radiant skin, volume booster, rejuvenates and hydrates.

- Handy set with travel size products
- For bright looking skin
- Perfect for rejuvenate the skin

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