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5 Best Blushes for Dark Skintones

June 19, 2023

5 Best Blushes for Dark Skintones

Hey LUCY lovers! 

As summer settles into Malta, we tend to change up the way we do makeup, but one thing we will never, ever do away with is blush. A good blush can change up your whole base: it can give you a beautiful, glowy finish, brighten up your complexion, and give you a gorgeous, youthful look that’s hard to repeat with just contour. Ideally, you do both - but if you’re trying to pare down your makeup for summer, and you have to pick one, contouring with just blush also works!

Here are four gorgeous blush and blush palettes for dark skin tones. 


Tips to find the Best Blush for Dark Skintones

There’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re off purchasing a blush for dark skintone - but as with anything with makeup, these aren’t necessarily rules: they’re just something you might want to consider if you’re starting out with blush for the first time. 


1. Your undertone is still important - make sure that you know what the undertone of your skin is. Are you more warm, or a little cool? Are you neutral? All of these will affect the way your blush will look on your skin, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for a good match.

2. When in doubt, always opt for a highly pigmented blush over one that you need to build up. If you’re worried about it being too much, just remember: you can always sheer it out, but adding several layers of thin blusher might make your face look cakey in the end.

3. Avoid a blush with a strong yellow undertone - it tends to make darker skin look a little dull.



Mon Reve Blusher Trio

One of the most versatile blush palettes for dark skin there is, this Mon Reve beauty is a tiny powerhouse of pigmented shades that you can absolutely use both as single blushes or mixed together to create a totally unique shade. It comes packed with natural mineral ingredients, skin conditioners, and Vitamin E, and it leaves your skin looking silky smooth, air-brushed, and glowy with a minimum of product. 


BlackUp Blush and Highlighter Duo

Whether you want the editorial glow of N1 or the dramatic flush of N5, the BlackUP blush and highlighter duo palettes are a dream to work with if you’re looking for a versatile blush for dark skin. Available in 5 pigment-packed shades, each duo palette comes with a matte powder blush and a shimmery highlight, and the texture is very forgiving for a wide number of skintones: although it’s a powder, it has a creamy, almost balm-like finish that won’t emphasise texture and will look lovely worn as part of a full face or even just on its own. 


BH Cosmetics x Mrs Bella Blush Trio in Rosy

Listen: pink blush is stunning on everyone, and the Mrs. Bella Blush trio is perfect for dark-skinned lovelies looking to add a little bit of Barbie glow to their cheeks. Wear them one at a time - our favourite way of using this palette - or mix them all together to create your own customer shade, but no matter which way you’ll use this palette, you’re sure to get a beautiful, fresh finish to your makeup. They’ve got a little bit of shimmer to them, so you can forgo the highlighter if you really want, but we personally find that highlighter adds so much to these blushes it would be a crime not to use one!


Astra Blush Me All Over stick in 03 Wild Honey

Not a fan of powder? The Astra Blush Me All Over Blush Stick has a creamy, soft texture that you can use both for your lips, and for your cheeks - and we just love the shade Wild Honey to add a natural, glowy flush that will make you look ready to walk the runway! A little goes a long way with these blush sticks, so take your time dabbing them on, and for the best results and a little more longevity, we recommend you tap just a little bit of setting powder on top to lock the glow in place. 



Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush in Totally Blushed

If you’re looking for superpigmented blushes, Revolution’s Superdewy Liquid blush is definitely that. Our favourite is ‘Totally Blushed’, a beautiful, in-your-face red that can be sheered out or mixed with a powder to create a bold pink or a coral that would look just as stunning on dark skin. Our tip to making the most of this blush? Use a little bit at a time. It’s not the easiest blush to work with, but it’s beautiful once you figure out the knack to it. 


Got any other favourite blushes for dark skintones we’ve missed out on? Write in and tell us about them - we’re always looking to add more to our shop! 

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