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Lucy Staff Favourites - Spring Edit

March 23, 2023

Lucy Staff Favourites - Spring Edit

Spring is in the air and it's time for a change in your beauty and makeup routine. Not sure where to start? We've asked a few of our staff members to share their favourite beauty products for spring and here's what they had to say. 



Hey there! My name is Hayden and I am currently working with Lucy as a sales assistant. My love of makeup and interaction with customers have created a wonderful platform for me to share my expertise about the aesthetic value of art.

I love to go outside the box and have no qualms about combining different colors. My day is improved by the thought of painting myself with colors. I've been attempting to get more clients to explore and use color on a regular basis in order to feel confident and empowered. Never cut ties with anything that can help you feel more confident; life is short, so doing what's right for you is the way to go!

Spread love, respect and diversity through colour.


Hayden's Faves



My name is Keith and I've been working in the makeup industry for as long as I can remember! Ever since I started working with Lucy, I've had the opportunity to discover and work with a lot of different textures and finishes.

My top three makeup products at the moment are the H20 skin tint from PIXI as this gives me a 'my skin but better' look with a healthy radiance and (glow, especially when applied with the seventeen foundation brush.

As I like to go for a clean groomed look I also like to add the PIXI on the glow blush in the shade juicy on the apples of the cheek for a hint of colour before finishing the look with the brow mascara from seventeen for some fixing and definition.


Keith's Faves




Hello Lucy lovers! I'm Valentina, I'm 27 years old and I'm from Brescia, Italy. I have been working with Lucy since 2019, as shop manager, skincare trainer, and online coordinator (during the pandemic).

Working in the beauty industry has always been a dream of mine since I was a kid, but the more I got to know this colorful environment, the more I grew passionate about skincare. This never-ending learning journey has allowed me to discover many amazing products, (as well as some dud ones).

Here are my top 3 most loved, most repurchased, tried and true ride or die skincare products for beautiful, glowing and flawless skin.


Valentina's Faves




Hi there! My name is Jade and I’ve been working with Lucy for over a year and a half now. You may have recognised me from the Lucy Teaches classes which are a very big hit at Lucy!

I have been studying and experimenting with makeup for over 5 years now! I have a passion for stage makeup, as opposed to regular makeup, tends to be heavier and darker (but not cakey!) to make up for those bright stage lights that can often leave you looking washed out.

As a makeup artist, I think the biggest challenge we face is staying up to date with changing trends and styles. Since trends and the fashion industry change so frequently, it forces us to always research the latest styles. Because of this, we have to upgrade our expertise frequently and it helps me to be more creative. Creativity is your best makeup skill, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Here are my top 3 favorite products which you can find in our stores and online.


Jade's Faves

  • Kryolan HD Cream liner – Ruby Red (Pro tip - Use on eyelids as an intense eye shadow, and then set with an eyeshadow for a glamorous matte bold look.)
  • BH COSMETICS Diamond For April Palette – Trust me on this, try to apply shade “Diamond “and “Stunning” to the eyelids together for a bold look.
  • Kryolan Fixing Spray – I’ve tried this before and the eyeshadows have fully stayed in place, like they are not budging at all. I recommend this when using it with Kryolan products especially for creamy and heavy textures.

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