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Blush Tips: Here's How To Make It Pop

January 31, 2023

Blush Tips: Here's How To Make It Pop

Blush has been used for generations but has quickly become a go-to product for any makeup enthusiast. We’re going to spill the tea on all the best tips and hacks to ensure that your blush looks bomb AF every time!

Step 1

When using blush, working with a clean, blank canvas is key. A good primer or serum will make your skin look and feel silky smooth, creating the perfect base for your makeup. For the ultimate glow, we recommend using an ultra-hydrating product like the Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Serum to leave your skin looking healthier and brighter. 

Step 2

While most blushes are universal and suitable for all skin types, certain shades are more complementary for certain skin tones. Picking a suitable shade is key to enhancing your natural features. Fairer skin tones work best with light pink blush, medium skin tones work great with brighter pink blush and darker skin tones look fab with peachier shades! Here at Lucy, we pride ourselves on inclusivity and diverse shade ranges, so you will truly be spoilt for choice! Don’t like those colours? No problem! While these shades look great, makeup is all about experimenting and having fun, so pop into our store and have a look at what we have and go wild! 


Step 3

Decide which type of blush works best for you! If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, the easy to use Revolution Makeup ultra-pigmented Super Dewy blushes are perfect: a little really goes a long way with these bad boys. Just simply squeeze a pea-sized amount, blend with your fingers, and you’re ready to rock!

For a more natural flush, opt for the Astra Blush Me All Over Blush Stick. This will give you a glowy all-day radiance that’ll really kick your makeup up a notch. Simply swipe the stick on your cheeks for a dewy finish to your base makeup.

Don’t like sticks, and prefer powders? Pixi Rose Glow-y Powder in Rose Dew is a beautiful neutral shade that combines the glow of a highlighter with the brightening of a blush, and it is an absolutely gorgeous level of shine for almost every skintone!. 

I can’t pick a colour…

We’re with you: sometimes, you just want to have all the colours at your disposal, especially if it’s one of those makeup products that you haven’t really tried before. That’s where blush palettes come in handy – three or four beautiful shades in one packaging, ready to mix or to use individually: what’s not to like?

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, here’s our favourites to start with: 

PIXI Nuance Quartette

Pixi’s known for its minimalist multiuse products, and this blush palette is excellent if you want to try out powder blush but you’re worried you won’t like it. Aren’t into the end result? No problem! Use it as eyeshadow or highlighter! It comes with four sumptuous, silky shades with a little bit of glow to it: perfect for those that haven’t found their favourite base shades yet and want to experiment a little. 

Revolution Vintage Lace Blush Palette

For a soft flush of colour that diffuses out into a stunning glow, the Revolution Vintage Lace Blush Palette is a must-have. With four satiny shades in a range of pinks and peaches, this is an excellent beginner’s palette to try out if you like that ‘lit from within’ radiance. 


I need a brush! 

Not a fan of the dramatic look that comes with just swiping your blush on? Have a powder and you don’t really know how to diffuse the colour? A good blush brush isn’t just a good blush brush: it can be used for powder, highlighter, and contour, but it’ll especially help you when it comes to getting the perfect glow. 

Here’s a general rule of thumb: the denser your brush is, the more colour you’ll pack on. If you’re a fan of subtlety, a fluffier blush can give you more control over the finished look. We love the process of building up the colour gradually, so the brushes we recommend are more on the fluffy side. 

RELOVE Angled Powder Brush

With a beautifully soft set of bristles, this is a good beginner brush to start your blush babe journey. While it’s typically used for bronzer instead of blush, the super soft bristles can help you figure out just how much colour you want to pack on, little by little! 

BH Cosmetics Rounded Cheek Blush 

For a perfect pop of colour right on the apple of your cheeks. The soft bristles diffuse the colour softly, giving you a gorgeous finish to your base that you can intensify for dramatic effect. 

Astra Blush Brush 

For those with angular faces and who want a brush that can also pull double-duty as a bronzer blush, this Astra Blush Brush is a compact powerhouse, with a head of soft bristles that can suit a range of face shapes. 

And there you have it: the perfect process for some bangin’ blush!

Be sure to tag us in your before and after results!  

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