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Five Ways to use Face Gems for your Festival Look

July 20, 2023

Five Ways to use Face Gems for your Festival Look

LUCY lovers, it’s festival season - and you know what that means! It’s time to glitz and glam your makeup to the next level and really make a statement. Neon liner, body glitter, UV hair dye: when it comes to festivals, there’s no such thing as too much!

We want to let you in on our new favourite way to glam up any festival look. It’s versatile, it’s cost-effective, and it’s a stunning statement piece that will turn heads, no matter what where you are. 

We’re talking about face gems. 

Lucy Gems - €4.00

Why face gems?

Why not? They’re sparkly, they’re beautiful, and best of all, they don’t smudge or fade out through the day. Add in a little skin-safe eyelash glue, if you really want to make them last forever, and you’ll be rocking out with gemstones on your face until the next set. 

Adding face gems to any makeup look elevates it to a new level of boldness, and festivals are all about the bold. Regardless of how many face gems you decide to use, they add a new dimension to even the most understated makeup - and does a lot to add the glam without taking too much time or needing any special equipment or techniques to get a good look out of them!

Just steer clear of using oil-heavy serums and moisturisers, and you’re ready to give the most while doing the least! 

Here’s five ideas you can absolutely copy with our in-house range of face gems. 

  • Crystal Cat Eye Wing

  • Not yet sold on the whole face gems thing? Start out understated by filling in your normal cat-eye wing with tons and tons of little crystals! We recommend using our LUCY Gems pack in Black if you want to be really subtle, but if you want to make more of a statement, silver or pink gems will look stunning as a cat-eye accent - whether or not you have the black liner underneath to add contrast! 

  • All About The Brow

  • They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and with a few well-placed crystal accents, you can rest assured that nobody will be looking away from your eyes any time soon. Opt for a contrasting-but-pastel colour if you want your face gems to blend in a little with your regular makeup - we love silver, pink, and blue for this, but don’t be shy about reaching for the darker colours for a bigger impact. 

  • Faux Freckles

  • Freckles are a big, big trend right now, and whether you’ve got them naturally or you spend a couple of minutes every day dotting them on with your favourite shadow or liner, you know they add a gorgeous element to any makeup look. Making freckles out of your favourite face gems is just the next step! For this, we like the subtler colours of pink and silver, and the smaller gems to add some dimension, but don’t hesitate to blob on some of the larger one as well if you really want to be a showstopper!

  • Teeny Tiny Tears

  • We’ve mentioned eye makeup above, with a crystallized cat eye that can really draw attention, but what about below? If you’re not a fan of sticking gems onto your eyelids or near your eyes, lower your rhinestone accents to just underneath your eyes, and rest assured that your makeup is now eye safe, and you have the most fashionable eye bags known to man. 

  • Lip, Lip, Hooray!

  • We can’t round off any festival makeup look without mentioning your lips! You can go full glam with this one, bedazzling your lips entirely, or just go avant-garde by outline your lips with crystals instead of lip-liner. Whichever one you choose, this one’s more involved than the other makeup looks, but it’s such a statement that it’s worth taking the little extra effort to stay hydrated. 


    There you have it, LUCY lovers: our best face gem makeup tips and how to use them. Have you used our face gems as makeup before? Drop us a picture in the comments and tell us about them! 

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