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Getting Lippy With It: Using Lipstick In 3 Different Ways

July 29, 2021

Getting Lippy With It: Using Lipstick In 3 Different Ways

With the days getting longer and hotter, we’re big fans of shrinking down our makeup bag to carry around just the essentials and make those on-the-go touch-ups mean more; besides, let’s be honest, you don’t really want to carry around a whole makeup kit when it’s nearly 35 degrees out and every little thing you’re carrying feels like it weighs a hundred pounds! Fortunately, there’s a way of shrinking down your cosmetic bag to just a couple of items without knocking off a single step of your routine, and we’re here to let you in on our little summer secret. 


No, we don’t just mean how to pull your look together with the right lip colour - this goes farther than that! A good lipstick, depending on the finish and the style, can act as anything from a blush to a highlight, and we’re here to tell you how to make it work and what to look for to make it out of the house with a setting spray, a tube of lipstick, and your house keys, nothing more needed!

Let’s go! 


This goes without saying, but the monochromatic lips and cheeks look? Absolutely divine, no matter what your skintone or what colour lipstick you go for. There’s something about the way the same colour looks blurred out on your cheeks that makes this one of our favourite no-effort summer looks. Best of all, it’s always fashionable and chic, even when the style tends to go for more bombastic looks full of glitter and contour. 

There’s a couple of different ways to apply this. The first is to find a lip-and-cheek combo that doubles up as both. The formula will most likely be a little sheerer than your normal lipstick, but that’s alright: just layer it up for an extra boost! 

The second is to buy a lipstick that you love, in a creamy formula, and DIY your own cheek tint. 

Both will work! 

We’re big fans of the Golden Rose Lip & Blush Velvet Touch - for pinky, nudey shades and a matte flush, this one is going to do amazing things to your face. We recommend this one to people with oily skin especially, or who prefer the matte look overall, though anyone can rock the velvet touch and come away looking like they’ve just walked out of the fashion ages. 



Golden Rose Lip & Blush Velvet Touch - €8.50


For those who want a bit of oomph to their monochrome, you can’t go wrong with the Wet’n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick! This one has a little slip to it, so oily-skinned friends might find it fading a tiny bit more throughout the day, but it’s so small and portable you can carry it with you anywhere and top up your flush along the day! We recommend some of the bolder reds for a flush you just can’t beat (our favourite is Hot Red, jsyk!)



Wet'n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - €2.29



Lipstick…. as eyeliner? Groundbreaking. 

Really though: you can definitely use your favourite lipstick on your eyes, just make sure that it’s certified safe for use in the eye-area! If you’re not sure, just keep it to your lids and away from your waterline, and you should be okay, but of course your mileage may vary!

For a certified eye-safe lipstick, our Revolution PRO The Illustrator line works amazingly well on lips and eyes! Make sure you set down a layer of primer if you have particularly oily lids, but otherwise, all you need to do is apply it to your eyelids and blend it out - you don’t even need brushes! Fingers do just as well to create a soft, glossy look that’ll turn heads, no matter what colour you go for, and the Revolution Pro The Illustrator’s satiny finish makes it perfect for people who want to top up on the go. 

Revolution PRO The Illustrator - €4.99


Best of all, it has a core set of colours, so if you’re new to makeup, you can splurge on a bunch of different tones to see what suits you best! 



Some people won’t wear highlighter in summer, and just take the glow that the heat gives, and that’s perfectly valid! For those who want to up their oomph and give their cheekbones the kind of gloss that’s straight from the movies, we see you, we hear you, and we’re here to say that your new best friend is going to be the Golden Rose Metals Matte Metallic Lipstick Crayon. A one-and-done swipe of this on your cheeks, a couple of seconds blurring it out with your fingers, and you’re good to glow! It’ll also give your lips a beautiful shiny finish if you’re the kind of person who loves the look of lip-gloss but not necessarily the feel.  


Have we missed out your favourite lipsticks? Do you use any of our lipsticks for something different that we haven’t mentioned? Drop your favourite one-and-done monochromatic looks in the comments, and let’s share the lipstick love for International Lipstick Day! Until next time, LUCY lovers! 

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