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How To Remove Fake Tan & More Tanning Tips for First-Timers

January 02, 2023

How To Remove Fake Tan & More Tanning Tips for First-Timers

No need to search any longer, everything you need to know about fake tan is right here! 

Q: Should I put fake tan on my face?
A: Yes, however, if you’re after a gradual tan that will give you a nice glow then try the Revolution Tan Face Drops.


Q: Will fake tan come off in a swimming pool or go green due to the chlorine?
A: No, no need to worry! Jump in that pool and enjoy your holiday.

Q: How long does fake tan last?
A: 5-7 days depending on your shower & exfoliation routine.

Q: What's the difference between tanning mousse and tanning drops?
A: Tanning drops can be mixed in with your favourite face/ body moisturiser and give you a gradual buildable tan, whereas the mousse is for instant application and develops within 4 hours.



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Q: Can I tan naturally through fake tan?
A: Yes, you can tan through your self-tan but always make sure you use an SPF!


Q: Can I use fake tan if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
A: Yes, we would advise applying to all areas other than your bump whilst pregnant. When breastfeeding be mindful of applying to the breasts as this may transfer to the baby’s face.


Q: Is fake tan bad for acne?
A: We would recommend doing a patch test 24 hours beforehand to ensure that the products do not cause a reaction.

Q: Can you fake tan after you shower?
A: Yes you can, however make sure you wait at least 10 mins until you are fully dry.



Q: Can you fake tan after you shave?
A: We would recommend doing your exfoliation and shaving the day before you apply your false tan, this helps you to achieve a flawless finish and stop the tan from getting into your pores.


Q: Does fake tan stain your clothes even after it's been washed off?
A: Our mousses should not stain however be careful as there could be some transfer onto clothes. This is down to how well you rinse off after your 4 hours of developing.


Q: How long should you wait for your fake tan to develop?
A: Our mousse has a 4-hour development time, the face and body drops are a lovely gradual tan that will develop over 24 hours

Q: How do you stop fake tan from going patchy after a few days?
A: Our top tip would be to stay hydrated! Make sure you moisturise daily and after about 3/4 days make sure you exfoliate daily to ensure that your false tan fades evenly.



Q: How do I know which fake tan shade will suit my skin tone?
A: This is your preference and the tan/glow that you're after. If you want a natural-looking tan, go for the shade most similar to your natural skin tone. Or, if you want a deeper looking tan, go for the shade 1-2 times darker than your natural skin tone.


Q: How should I prep before fake tan?
A: We would recommend exfoliating the day prior to your tan day and then showering (preferably with cold water) 10-30mins beforehand to ensure that you are applying your self-tan to clean dry skin. A top tip of ours is to make sure you moisturize daily as applying self-tan to well-moisturised skin stops it from going patchy or getting streaky.


Q: How do I remove fake tan?
A: To gradually fade your tan, start lightly exfoliating 3/4 days after tan application. Apply our amazing tan eraser to dry skin after at least 3 days of tan application, leave it on for 5 minutes and then simply wash off in the shower. Use the Revolution Exfoliating Gloves for those really stubborn areas!


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