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Your Guide to Spring Nail Trends

April 10, 2023

Your Guide to Spring Nail Trends

Whether you do your own nails at home or you have a salon on speed dial, spring is the perfect opportunity to play around with some of the up-and-coming nail trends trickling their way free from the catwalks. This year, we’re seeing some beautiful chromes and micro-mani reigning supreme on the hands of celebrities and models alike, so if you want to dupe your favourite actress’ manicure, here’s how you do it. 




Every season brings a new neutral into the world of manicures, but this year is unique because it doubles up on two trending nail designs: metallic mania and the push for more out-there neutrals. If you’re not fully sold on the full-silver hand, take it in stages by using a couple of silver accents and having the rest of your nails painted grey, but if you want to take it from us: go all out! Pair your silver monochromatic manicure with a super-glossy topcoat, and let the sun catch your nails and make them the talk of your friend group! 

ANNY Nail Polish - 351 Night Fever




The French manicure is a classic, and it’s going nowhere, but every year brings a new trend on the French mani that we have to try. Here’s what we’re looking at for Spring 2023: a teeny-tiny French tip on the very edge of your nails. This is the perfect nail art to opt for if you’re trying something new after having super-long nails for a while, and its versatility makes it perfect for a lot of tastes, no matter if you prefer the more colourful side of nail art, or the subtle glamour of nudes. 


ANNY Nail Art Stencils


Super-glossy nails


Officially dubbed as ‘lipgloss nails’ by the internet, this is the upgraded version of the glazed donut manicure that took the internet by storm for a good few months way back in 2022 (not sure about you lovelies, but we still count this as one of our top ten nail styles, and we pull it out often!). This one’s similar: glaze your nails with a sheer, neutral base colour with a super-glossy or gel-style top coat for wet-looking nails with a hint of high class that goes with any outfit. 

ANNY Super Gloss Gel 



Pastel skittles


Something about soft, buttery pastel colours just screams spring, and we know you’re with us when we say that it’s one of the trends that we look forward to any year. After the moody and elegant colours of winter and autumn, and the bright neon of summer, it’s great to opt for something soft, and springtime pastels are a great way to transition into the bigger statement nails of summer. For this year, pastels are back in a mix-and-match of trends: wear them on their own in a monochromatic manicure, mix all your favourite pastels for a skittles aesthetic that’ll help bring the Easter glam into your life, or opt for an all-metallic, all-sparkly look that kicks the traditional pastel manicure up a notch. 


Catrice Brave Metallics Nail Polish


3D accents

Want a little bit of extra sparkle? You’re in luck: spring 2023 is a great opportunity to branch out from your hand-painted nail art and throw in some glitz and glam with the introduction of rhinestones, pearls, and 3D accents. Our RELOVE stick-on rhinestones are perfect to play with this trend, especially if you’re not 100% sure that you’re going to love it: they’re easy to pop on and equally easy to take off if you really decide this isn’t for you. Just make sure to seal them in with a strong topcoat: they’re face jewels, after all!

RELOVE Euphoric Bedazzled Gem Pack


Don’t have time to do your own nails? You’re in luck: stick-on nails and press-ons are the height of efficiency and nail trends, and finding a set that fits the trend you want to play with is easy as keeping an eye out on our page. Try this Technic silver square set or this set of natural-looking nudes if you want to get in on the latest nail trends but don’t have time to carve out for actually getting it done. 

Technic Square False Nails - Silver Lining


Essence Nails is Style - Get Your Nudes On


What’s your manicure looking like right now? Drop us a line and let us know - we’re dying to see.

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