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Pride Head to Toe: Pride Makeup Products for Bold Looks

September 11, 2023

Pride Head to Toe: Pride Makeup Products for Bold Looks

LUCY Lovers, it’s September - and if you’re a Maltese native, you know what that means. 
It’s Pride season, and we’re beyond thrilled to be celebrating one of the biggest Pride events on the island. For 2023, Malta is the base for EUROPRIDE, a massive celebration of loving who you love, loving who you are, and loving your neighbour - and what else can be better than that? 

As LUCY, we have a few words to say before we get into what you should use to rainbow your life for Pride, and it’s this: makeup is for everyone. The techniques that we use and love - think of the snatched super 2010s look - came from drag queens and dames. Drag history runs parallel to the history of makeup, and we wouldn’t be where we are today in the makeup world without drag queens and kings, boys in touch with their feminine side, girls who like to buck tradition and go outside their comfort zone, and everyone in between. 
Love who you love, love how you love, and let’s make a statement so bright, it’ll be seen all around the world. 
Here’s what we recommend to glow up your life for Pride (and the rest of the year!)


Now, we’re a big fan of funky hair colours all year round, but hear us out: if you can’t wear a fun colour for Pride, when can you wear one? Revolution Hair has you covered with their Hair Tones range, available in six beautiful colours for brunettes and eight stunning shades for blondes, Revolution Hair Tones is a bleach-free approach to a semi-permanent colour just for September. Depending on your hair porosity, it may last a little more or a little less than the stated 2 - 15 washes, so pick your favourite tone and go wild! 
Brunette beauties will see more of a tint than an outright colour, but more than enough to be the brightest belle at the Pride ball! 


It’s not a Pride parade unless your highlighter dazzles, so no matter what base your foundation’s like, add some Capital G GLITZ with our Wet’n Wild Megaglow Hello Halo Blushlighters, pulling double duty as both a sparkly blush and a highlighter for that added kaboom.
Not bright enough for your liking? Use our Revolution Candy Haze Jelly Highlighter as a primer and make your whole face glow. Don’t forget to add some extra sparkle with our range of LUCY face gems
Lucy Gems€4.00


Whether you’re going for a monochrome moment with a neony shade, or the full spectrum of the rainbow on your eyelids, our BH Cosmetics Trendy in Tokyo 16 Colour Eyeshadow palette has the colour range to make you the moment! With mattes, metallics, and two dualchrome colour transformers for a bit of extra sparkle, if you buy one palette for your rainbow collection, this should be it!

Looking for something smaller? Our Mon Reve Pro Palette Vol 01 has less than half the shades of the BH Cosmetics palette, but all the colours you need to make a rainbow on your eyelids! 
Not into eyeshadow? This is the perfect time to pull out your graphic liner chops. Go for bold in one (or both!) of Catrice’s Duo-Chrome eye pencils, or Rimmel’s Eye Wonderproof Eyeliner in Sparkly Anthracite and get ready to go. 


Plump up your pout with Maybelline Lip Ink in one of our beautiful colours - but don’t stop there! We’re all about the glitter, glitter, glitter this month, so top off your lips with a coat of the BH Los Angeles Lip Glaze Shimmer Gloss in Papped and get ready for your close up! 
Maybelline Lip Ink €13.70


You know what we’re going to tell you here: get ready to glitter, glitz, and shine your way throughout the parade! Don’t forget your sunscreen, but once you’re safe from the Maltese sunshine, here’s what we suggest - mix a little of our favourite Revolution Viva Loose Glitter into your body lotion and buff it in for an all-over gleam. 
Want to glow rather than glitter? Mix a couple of drops of our Pupa Glow Obsession Liquid Metal Highlighter into your body lotion instead and dazzle the day away! 
Have we missed your favourite all-colour product? Want to show off your Pride look? Drop us a comment and let us see you at your best! 
Love, LUCY. 

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