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Top 4 Skincare Products for Dreamy Cloud Skin

September 26, 2023

Top 4 Skincare Products for Dreamy Cloud Skin

We love a glowy matte moment, and as the weather starts to cool down across the island and fall comes knocking (hello, warm drinks and sweater weather!), our skincare wardrobe gets a little update to make sure we’re prepping our skin with the products that work best. 

For September, that means goodbye to the matte lotions and lightweight creams, and hello to facial oils, heavy occlusives, and sunscreen that works with the humidity.

And with cloud skin coming knocking at our door, it’s a perfect time to talk you through some of our favourite products for our favourite season. 


What is cloud skin?

It’s known as a couple of other things, but cloud skin is when your skin is super glowy, but not matte - think of it a little bit like what happens when you use your soft-focus, or soft-blur, filter on your phone. What it is is a big emphasis on glowy, soft, and dream skin thanks to combining skincare and makeup with different properties, and getting that beautiful lit-from-within look that’ll make you look like a painting. 

Not quite as shiny as glass skin, but not as matte as 2010’s famous beat face, cloud skin is a super forgiving makeup base that’ll work with every kind of skin tone, skin type, and skin irregularities. 

The general rule of thumb is this: depending on your skin type, you need to mix a mattifying product, a glowy product, and a dewy product.

Here’s our favourites to start your base off right. 

Revolution Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Gel Cream

Hyaluronic acid is a dream product for cloud skin: as a natural occlusive, it locks in moisture and makes sure that your skin looks good and plump, minimises the appearance of wrinkles, and, most importantly, keeps your face hydrated so you don’t get that dreaded cakiness to your appearance. For cloud skin, it’s an especially good product because it really keeps you looking refreshed, no matter what you follow it up with - and it’s lightweight enough to be used by all skin types!

Revolution Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Gel Cream €8.80 


Skin Generics Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C

Glowy and lit-from-within go hand in hand with cloud skin, so split the difference with the Skin Generics Vitamin C serum, formulated for gentle brightening with hyaluronic acid, hawaiian seaweed, and Vitamin C. Best of all, its active complex also has anti-ageing benefits for smoother looking, softer skin. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly with Pump

Go for a beautifully hydrating finish with the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly with Pump, a super lightweight watery moisturiser that doubles as a primer, and makes your skin lovely, soft, and bouncy. It has a proprietary formula that locks in moisture, and creates a beautiful, seamless look to your skin that’ll create a lovely barrier for your foundation to sit on. 

Payot Nue Brume Tonique Douceur Soothing & Moisturising Oxygenating Spray Toner

A good cloud skin look needs a good moisturised base to go on, but even your most extreme moisturising can lead to your makeup occasionally going a little cakey - so a regular, spritz of moisture is a necessary thing to invest in. 

Entering the Payot spray toner, made with 99% all natural ingredients including organic orange blossom floral water. It can be used on your eyes as well, creating a good base for your eyeshadow to go on. Best of all, it’s a multiuse product, so you can also use it after your makeup to add some much needed moisture back into your skin. 

And there you have it: your skincare stunners to start your cloud skin makeup off great. Top it off with your favourite dewy moisturiser and carefully tap on some mattifying powder, and you’re good to glow!

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