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Top 5 Gifts You can Get at Lucy

October 09, 2023

Top 5 Gifts You can Get at Lucy

If you haven’t been to our LUCY World in Sliema yet, we’ll forgive you if this is a total surprise - but did you know that LUCY carries more than just makeup, skincare, and haircare? It’s true! We have a whole host of other products besides our makeup, so if you’re in the market for a gift or you’re looking to treat yourself to something slightly different, here’s our best picks for a little pick-me-up!

For the gym-goer 

Our Revolution Gym range is one of our favourites, and with good reason: it’s durable, super cute, and comes in all sorts of colours for those who like to stand out. Our favourite is the Revolution Gym Stretch It Out yoga mat, which comes with a non-stick bottom and an elastic band for easier portability - and it’s made with recycled material!


Not in the market for a yoga mat? No problem: try out our Revolution Gym Work It towel instead for effortless chic even when you’re out getting sweaty in the pursuit of your best self. 


For the scent-hoarder

We all have that one friend that’s obsessed with smells: plug ins, wax melts, candles, reed diffusers, you name it. If you’ve run out of Yankee candles to gift them (or yourself!) check out our scented range. For those who like a little of the finer things in life, we recommend our Payot Corps Rituel Harmonizing Candle, a jasmine-and-musk soother made with 100% vegetable wax. 


Not a fan of candles? We get it: here’s something you can leave out without worrying whether or not you’ve put it away - our Stoneglow Elements Reed Diffuser in Wood, which gives off a lovely amber and patchouli scent shot through with amberwood for a gorgeous atmosphere.


And if you don’t really want a constant scent, just a little spritz now and again, our William Morris Room Sprays are long-lasting enough to give you that sweet scented hit without making you feel overwhelmed. 



For the wellness fanatic

We could all use a little bit of introspection and guided peace in our lives, so if this isn’t you, we recommend you take a page out of your wellness friend’s Designworks Guided Wellness journal and start. If you’re not yet sold on the importance of checking in with yourself, don’t worry: here’s a gift that you can use to give yourself a head start. 


Really don’t want to try your hand at guided wellness, but you’re a notebook fanatic? We’ve got something for you too - a range of Designworks notebooks to fit all your desires, whatever you prefer. 

For the comfort creature

There’s a little homebody in all of us, so we’re sure these gifts are going to be just as loved by you as they are by the person in your life who’s more comfortable at home than in the club.

Start off with our faux-fur Danielle slippers in soft grey - these come with a removable microwaveable pouch for all those cosy winter evenings ins, and a dash of lavender oil to soothe aching muscles.


Next, move on to your Danielle Hot Water Bottle, a favourite blanket, and your all-time desert island watch, and bask in the ultimate of ultimate comfort. 


Giving gifts is never easy, but with our lifestyle range, we’re sure you’re going to find something to treat that special person in your life (even if that special person is you!)

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