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Makeup Factory CC Foundation

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Conditioning and color-correcting foundation, which contains a multipotent complex for an even complexion. Contains sun protection factor (SPF) 10.
The CC Foundation is a conditioning and color correcting make up with SPF 10. The multi-potent complex improves the skin's appearance. Cayoma® olive is an extract from olive leaves and fruits; it reduces brown spots and lightens the skin. The extract also protects the skin from free radicals and prevents premature skin aging. Gatuline® In-tense is the extract from a subtropical flower. The extract improves the density and firmness of the skin, tightens it, and reduces wrinkles. Innovative pearl pigments reflect light and in this way conceal minor skin imperfections. Free of paraben and mineral oils. With soothing aloe vera extract.

Application note:
Apply a thin covering of the foundation from the middle of the face toward the hairline and neck using the Make up & Camouflage Sponge or the Foundation Brush.

Beauty note:
Apply the Make up Base to prepare your skin for make up and to prolong its wear time.
For a particularly natural result apply the foundation with a damp brush.