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Pixi Collagen Beauty in a Bag

Pixi Beauty

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Pamper yourself with this handy Pixi Vitamin-C Beauty In A Bag with four products that make your skin glow by complementing each other perfectly.

Remove your makeup with ease with the Vitamin-C Cleansing Cloths, boost your skin with the hydrating Vitamine-C Tonic, the Vitamine-C Lotion is a moisturizer that nourishes optimally and complement with the Vitamin-C Caviar Balm as a leave-on mask.

The compact sizes make this set perfect to bring with you wherever you go. Also great as a gift!


The set consists of:
- Vitamin-C Cleansing Cloths (10 doekjes): contains vitamine C. Cleanses and hydrates, removes dirt and makeup, refreshes the skin.

- Vitamin-C Lotion (15 ml): contains vitamine C. Hydrates, nourishes, brightens and supports natural collagen production, feels lightweight.

- Vitamin-C Tonic (40 ml): enriched with met probiotics, aloë vera, fruit extracts and willow bark. Nourishes the natural skin barrier, brightens, hydrates and smoothes. Alcohol free.

- Vitamin -C Caviar Balm (15 ml): enriched with shea butter, olive oil, feruline acid en vitamine C. Nourishes and boosts luminosity.

- Handy set with travel size products
- For bright looking skin
- Perfect for brighten the skin