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PAYOT Detox Gelee Minceur 3 In 1


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This fresh and melt-in gel texture is your new slimming and well-being ally. It mimics the effects of a workout on the skin, to refine, firm and tone the figure.

We're in love with its divine fresh gel texture, which is instantly absorbed and allows you to dress immediately after you have applied it.
Its specific active ingredient? A patented revolutionary active ingredient that mimics the effects of a workout on the skin, to help eliminate fat and re-balance the figure.

Ideal for: All skin types

Texture: Fresh Gel

Presentation: Tube of 200 ml


1. Warm the skin with energetic ascending movements using the fingertips.

2. Apply the gel in energetic upward circular sweeping movements, holding both hands flat until the product is fully absorbed.

3. Work in circular movements simultaneously with both hands folded, using only the knuckles. Time of use: Day | Night | Day & Night