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Makeup Factory Dream Eyes Mascara

Makeup Factory

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Mascara for a dreamy gaze with doll-eyelash effect
Dream Eyes gives eyelashes irresistible volume and elegant shape. Your gaze will be stunning. The conic brush lifts the eyelashes for a wide open gaze and amazingly large eyes with doll's eyelashes. The special wax combination conditions the eyelashes and creates volume, which builds up with every application. Long lasting mascara (up to 10 hours). Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Free of paraben.

Now available in the classic golden design for a limited time only! Do not miss the limited anniversary edition of the popular Dream Eyes mascara for gorgeous eyes with doll-eyelash effect. Only as long as the supply lasts!

Application note:
Place the brush at the base of the eyelashes and apply the mascara in zig-zag strokes from the roots to the ends. We recommend removing the mascara using the Eye Make up Remover Gel made by Make up Factory.

Beauty note:
To enhance the doll eyelash effect pinch several eyelashes together with tweezers right after the application of mascara.
This creates an impressive 'starlet look'.