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Everyday for Future Face Mask - Yummycado

Everyday for Future

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Our skin needs nutrients to feel its best, too. Satisfy hungry skin with the soothing properties of creamy avocado and let its natural oils seep in deep for a refreshed and revitalized, satiated complexion.

Originally from Central America, the avocado was used by the Aztecs since 500 BC. Rich in nutrients, it penetrates the skin, hydrating and regenerating it. We promote the use of sustainable materials, in fact this sachet is made of easy to recycle c/ldpe90 plastic, it is not for single use and it is made of 70% less plastic than traditional packagings.

Nourishes deeply thanks to the active ingredients in avocado.

Leave it on for 15 minutes to get regenerated skin, full of elasticity.

Up to 12 uses per pouch.