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Everyday for Future Face Scrub - Brightcolada

Everyday for Future

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Give your skin a tropical cocktail of antioxidants.

Originally from South America, it was brought to the European courts by the conquistadors, where it was renamed ''Royal pine cone''. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make skin silky and radiant. We promote the use of sustainable materials, in fact this sachet is made of easy to recycle c/ldpe90 plastic, it is not for single use and it is made of 70% less plastic than traditional packagings.

Smooths the skin thanks to bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Gently massage on damp skin with circular movements and rinse with plenty of water.
The formula, based on rice microgranules, allows a natural and effective scrub and removes the dead cells which accumulate on the epidermis.

Delicate, suitable for all skin types
Don't misuse it, use once or twice a week
Up to 20 uses per pouch.