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Everyday for Future Face Scrub - Splashymelon

Everyday for Future

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Dehydrated skin is in need of a boost, pronto. Give it a nice tall glass of succulent watermelon to rehydrate, soothe, and regenerate dry skin.

Originally from tropical Africa, it was first represented in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Renowned for its restorative properties, it is the perfect ally against dehydration. We promote the use of sustainable materials, in fact this sachet is made of easy to recycle c/ldpe90 plastic, it is not for single use and it is made of 70% less plastic than traditional packagings.

Relaxing and energising scrub.

Gently massage on damp skin with circular movements and rinse with plenty of water.
The formula, based on rice microgranules, allows a natural and effective scrub and removes the dead cells which accumulate on the epidermis.

Use it once or twice a week to get rehydrated and more uniform skin.
Up to 20 uses per pouch.