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Baked high-quality eye shadow with silky pearl effect.
This is premium quality baked eye shadow. It is manufactured using a special process, which ensures utmost brilliance, color intensity, and a long wear time. Shimmering particles give eyes an alluring spark. The Eye Shadow with its high-quality texture may be applied dry or moist. The colors appear more intense if applied in a moist state. Free of perfumes.

Application note:
Apply to the eyelid using the Eye Shadow Applicator or Eye Shadow Brush. Then blend in the Eye Shadow. For long wear and especially intense colors apply Sensitive Eye Shadow Base first.

Beauty note:
For intense coloring apply the Eye Shadow using the Eye Shadow Applicator. An eye shadow brush is more suitable if you want to keep the coloring on the modest side. For particularly intense coloring and long wear apply the Eye Shadow in moist condition.