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Nascita Do Rose Gold Make-Up Brush Set


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190 Wide Structured Powder Brush: It is used in the application of powder and compacted powder based products to large areas of the face. The use of powder applied with circular movements; It provides a natural and smooth appearance to your skin by fixing your complexion.

195 Concealer and Foundation Brush: It is used to apply powder and liquid based concealer products to narrow areas of the face. Ideal for minimizing redness, blemishes and color inequalities in the eyes and face.

202 Headlight Mixing Brush: Powder and compressed headlight based products; It is used to provide soft color transition by distributing evenly on the eyelid.

203 Cut Structured Eyeliner Brush: It is used for applying the cream and gel structured eyeliner products to the eyelash bottoms in a thin line.