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Makeup Factory New D.N. Brush Collection Lip Brush

Makeup Factory

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To define the lip contour and apply the product evenly, the improved vegan Lip Brush with flat, firmly bonded tip is optimal. The smooth surface of the high-quality, purely synthetic fibres distribute a lot of color. The strong brush resistance ensures precise application. The long-lasting Lip Brush with rubberised soft-touch grip surface is suitable for both creamy and liquid textures.

Application note:
Put a small amount of lipstick on a spatula and then use the lip brush to apply to the lips. Or pick up the lipstick color directly from the lipstick using the brush and apply to the lips.
To clean, we recommend cleaning the brush hairs with the Quick & Easy Brush Cleanser or a mild cleansing foam and plenty of warm water. Then let the brush air dry lying down.

Beauty note:
Combining different lip products and colors enables extraordinary color effects to be produced on the lips