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Payot Detox Concentre Anti-Cellulite


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This serum-in-oil is an attack treatment, and has been specially formulated to target and act intensely on the appearance of cellulite, and to visibly reduce the appearance of orange peel skin. In just a few weeks, skin’s quality is transformed: it is smoother, more toned and visibly more beautiful.

We're in love with its divinely sensory dry oil texture, which has been specially designed for a great massage experience, is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film.

Its specific active ingredients? A duo of fat-decongesting active ingredients with recognised effectiveness: grapefruit essential oil and green tea extract.

Ideal for: Combination | Dry | Normal | Oily | Sensitive Skin Slimming/ Anti Cellulite

Texture: Oil

Presentation: Spray bottle of 125 ml

Time of use: Day | Night | Day & Night

Usage: 1.Warm the skin with energetic ascending movements using the fingertips.
2.Apply the concentrate in upwards circular sweeping movements, holding both hands flat and with a dynamic movement on the affected areas, until the product is fully absorbed.
3.Make pinching movements using the 4 fingers and thumbs on areas of the body prone to cellulite.