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Revolution Haircare Plex 9 Bond Restore Hydra Mask 250ml

Revolution Haircare

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Revolutionise your haircare routine with the Revolution Haircare Plex 9 Bond Restore Hydra Mask, a deep hydrating formula for damaged hair, powered by amino acids and ceramides.

Key benefits:

  • Amino acids build peptides which form essential proteins to help keep hair healthy
  • Ceramides soften the hair and add irresistible shine
  • Intense hydration mask that won’t weigh down the hair
  • Enhances softness and strengthens the hair
  • A post-shampoo and conditioner treatment to care for dry and damaged hair

What is Plex?
Revolution’s Plex triple molecular weight protein cascade system targets different layers of the hair fibre helping to repair and strengthen damage from within.

The Plex range not only contains the triple weight molecular protein system, but each formulation has been expertly formulated to provide the best ingredients for the hair.

The protein system is made from three different types of plant protein that have been selected to target different parts of the hair fibre. The power combination of Phytantriol and Provitamin B5 work to keep hair hydrated and healthy, whilst a blend of conditioning agents help to soften and smooth the hair.

Apply to towel dried hair after shampooing and conditioning (Bond Plex steps 4 and 5), leaving on for 10-15 mins. Rinse and for best results, follow with steps 6,7 and 8.