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Hand-knotted, real-hair false lashes for eight different lash types. Their high quality guarantees exceptionally long durability and re-usability.
The new collection Tailored Lashes by Make up Factory offers a unique lash concept for every eye shape. With the help of high-quality, real-hair false lashes, you can either perfect your own eye shape or create a completely new look. The lashes are suitable for everyday use and are particularly durable and re-usable. The eight different designs are individually adapted to the specific eye shapes. They also thicken the wearer’s own lashes, adding natural volume.

Application note:
For best results, style the natural lashes with eyelash curlers beforehand and trim the Tailored Lashes as necessary. The lashes can also be adapted to your natural lash shape by gently curling them. Then apply a coat of DURATEX Lash Glue to the Tailored Lashes and attach to the eyelid.

Beauty note:
To find the perfect Tailored Lashes for your eye shape, read the descriptions for the various lash types.