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Technic Fantasy Lashes - Daydream

Technic Cosmetics

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Create the illusion of bigger eyes and longer lashes with this set of false eyelashes from boohoo. These fake eyelashes will elevate your eyelashes to bring maximum impact to your makeup look. Who needs mascara when you can wear a pair of statement-making false eyelashes?! From subtle faux lashes to look-at-me lashes, shop our full range today - and don't forget your eyelash glue!

Style: False Lashes
Technic Cosmetics Fantasy Lashes Daydreamer. 3D False Eyelashes. Comes With An Easy To Use Lash Adhesive. Lashes Can Be Trimmed To Fit Your Eye Shape. Apply The Glue To The False Lash Band & Allow To Dry Until Tacky Before Placing Onto The Lash Line. Reusable. Vegan