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GRWU: Kelsey's Look, Tips, Tricks, and Alternatives

May 25, 2020

GRWU: Kelsey's Look, Tips, Tricks, and Alternatives

Guys and gals and nonbinary pals, it’s official: for the foreseeable future, masks are here to stay, which means that if you’re a makeup enthusiast who thrives on putting your face on before you head outside, your options have become a little more limited with what you can put on and still have a put-together makeup look. 

That said, limited doesn’t mean much when you’ve got the power of creativity and Revolution Makeup on your side, so for today’s blog post, we’re going to expand on Kelsey’s #LockdownLook by breaking down Kelsey’s product choices, and giving alternatives for you lovely people out there who prefer a different finish to what we used. 

Let’s start with the base

Got oily skin? Like the matte look more than blinding glass? So does Kelsey! For her makeup base, Kelsey opted for the: 


Revolution Pore Blur Primer - this is a putty-style primer that helps with smoothing down and filling in the appearance of large pores for a clean, flawless finish that makes your skin look like porcelain. 

Revolution Pore Blur Primer

Revolution Pore Blur Primer - €7.99

Alternative: Not a fan of pore-blurring primers, but you still want that velvety-soft look? Try the Revolution Mattify Primer instead, made for skin that gets glossy easily - and makes it work. 

Revolution Mattify Primer - €7.99



Next, Kelsey followed up her primer with the Revolution Matte Base Foundation, a lightweight matte-finish foundation that pairs well with the pore blur primer to give you the smoothest canvas for the rest of your look, and makes you look fire for the Instagrams you’re taking on your daily walk. 

Revolution Malta Foundation Matte Base

Revolution Matte Base Foundation - €6.99

Alternative: Want more of a glow? Try the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops, a watery formula that you can build up gradually for the coverage you need while still letting your skin’s natural texture and glow shine through. 

Revolution Malta PRO Foundation Drops

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops - €7.80 €̶9̶.̶7̶5̶




If you need a little bit more coverage - no worries, we’ve all had the lockdown break-outs - Kelsey’s showed off how the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer looks on her skin: matte, soft, and blended out so that your breakouts catch the eye a little less. 


Alternative: if your concealer creases when you put it on, try the Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Concealer, which adds hyaluronic acid to the same high-coverage concealer to prevent your concealer from settling into fine lines and flaking. 

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Concealer



Colour Correction

Your concealer might need a little extra boost from colour correction - this is great if you have hereditary dark under-eye circles, or little red spots that still show up despite the primer, foundation, and concealer. For this, Kelsey used the Technic Colour Fix Correcting Pressed Powder; this helps her to keep her more oily areas matte all day long, and helps to even out the areas of her skin which need a little bit of colour-correcting. 

Technic Colour Fix Colour Correcting Pressed Powder


Best of all, this formula’s good for all skin types, though you might only want to powder the areas that need it if you’re susceptible to dry skin!



Contour and Blush

Now that you’ve finished your base, you need to add in the fun stuff: to sculpt your jawline, add shadows to your nose, and add blush! Remember to shade lightly, and go as slowly as you need; you can always add more, but taking away is a little problematic. 

For her routine, Kelsey used the Technic Colour Max Contour Palette, a sleek little collection of matte contour shades perfect for light to medium skin tones. Using powder makes it easier to control the amount of contour you’re putting on your face, and makes it easier to correct any mistakes that happen!

Technic Malta Colour Max Contour Palette


Alternative: For this, we have to rep our Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit which features three shades in a lighter-than-air formula that work especially well together, or as individual shades. 

Revolution Malta Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit


For blush, Kelsey tried out the Technic Colour Max Blush Palette, a blendable 8-shade palette which brings together a range of warm pinks that can be mixed together to create a completely custom shade! We love the finish of this palette, and its versatility; it’s perfect for popping into your bag for touch-ups along the way. 

Technic Malta Colour Max Blush Palette


Alternative: Looking for more glow? Our Revolution Blush Palette Ultra in Blush Queen is perfect for cooler pinks; the baked blush is finely-milled and soft, making it perfect for doll-pink cheeks and a soft-focus flush.




You can never, ever have too much glow. For her shine, Kelsey opted for the Revolution Reloaded Highlight in the shade Raise the Bar, a blinding white-gold dusted at the top of her cheeks to create that perfect glossy look without sweating her makeup off. Tip: if you love this shade, and want more intensity, try it with a damp brush!

Revolution Malta Reloaded Highlight


Alternative: Cooler undertones? Don’t want to use powder? Try the Revolution PRO Highlighting Potion in Rose Quartz, a pinky, blendable liquid that can be used as a topical highlight, or mixed into your moisturiser for glassy skin on a budget! (talk about multitasking!)

Revolution PRO Highlighting Potion




With a blend of rich, earthy browns, warm neutrals, and glinting metallics, the Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Palette is one of our all-time favourites for its versatility and ease of application, and lends itself well to Kelsey’s makeup with a mask look. 


Alternative: Looking for colder colours? Try the Revolution Reloaded in Deep Dive, which features a mix of greens and blues for people looking for fewer rusts and bronzes, and more white-golds and cold greens. 

Revolution Malta Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette
Revolution Reloaded - €5.99


With her eyeshadow set, Kelsey finished off her eyes with the Technic Waterproof Liquid Liner, a blacker-than-night felt tip pen with a wing-proof applicator for even wings every time. 

Technic Waterproof Liquid Liner


Alternative: Not a fan of waterproof liner? Does it make your eyes sting? We recommend the Revolution The Liner Revolution in a stay-all-day formula that’s easy on sensitive eyes, without compromising on quality. 


Your makeup look is not complete without a pair of thick, fluttery, dark lashes, and Kelsey achieved her look with the Technic Intoxicate Mascara, a flake-free formula with an hour-glass-shaped wand that will allow you to coat every lash easily. 

Technic Malta Intoxicate Mascara

Alternative: Try the Revolution The Mascara Revolution, for dark, beautiful lashes that last all day. 

Revolution The Mascara Revolution

Setting Spray

It’s hot. Your makeup’s perfect. You need it to last. 

Kelsey opted for the Technic Makeup Setting Spray, a glowy formula that lets your makeup keep going through the hottest of Maltese weather - without it creasing or cracking from the sweat! 

Alternative: If it’s moisture you want, we recommend the Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray, for an added burst of skin-saving moisture to keep your skin happy underneath your makeup. 

Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray


Looking for a particular product? Interested in knowing more about our choices? Shop our store, or message us on Facebook, and we’ll be happy to help! 

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