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Safe Tanning in Malta

June 12, 2023

Safe Tanning in Malta

Hey LUCY lovers! 

Listen, we love that gorgeous golden glow that comes from a summer day spent at the beach, but you know what we don’t love? Sunburn, and the risks that come with spending a lot of time in the harsh Maltese sunshine without a healthy, protective layer of sunscreen. Now that the days are getting hotter and longer, it’s tempting to spend all your weekends and afternoons on a beach somewhere working on that glow, however there are safer (and faster!) ways to get the gleam you want. 

Let’s talk about self-tanning in Malta. 

Using self-tanner in Malta might seem a little silly - after all, we’re surrounded by sunshine for most of the year, so spending money on self-tanner in Malta could feel a little counter-productive - but there’s no better way to glow up than with skin-safe products that won’t leave you running for the aloe. 


What is self-tanner?

Self-tanner is just a chemical reaction that happens between the product - which contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone) or erythrulose, a chemical compound - and the amino acids in the topmost layer of your skin. That beautiful golden glow is only temporary, at maximum lasting just ten days, but you can always reapply once the tan fades without the risk of harm to yourself! They’re completely safe to use, and some even come with sun protection though we always recommend adding a separate sunscreen in general. 


What’s the difference between lotions, oils, mists, and mousses?

Self-tanners in Malta come as lotions, oils, mists and mousses - and they’re all used for different areas of the body and have a different purpose. 

In general, you’ll want to opt for a mousse if you’re interested in using self-tanner over your entire body. This will give you the most even, flawless application. 

If you’ve already applied mousse, and you just want to darken your tan or maintain it, we recommend a lotion. This takes a little longer to work in - and you’ll see your new, gorgeous glow after around 5 - 7 days - but it’s great if all you want is to top up!

Oils are best used for small areas, so we like to use them on our face. Similarly, sprays will give you an uneven finish if you try to work them into large areas, so we tend to keep them for our faces, or for areas that aren’t so large to work with. 


 I want to use self-tanner! Where do I start?

Glad you asked! Here’s what we recommend. 


Ziaja Subtle Bronze Body Lotion

Moisturising and hydrating, this stunner of a self-tanner makes your skin look smooth as silk, and it’s packed with protective ingredients to keep your skin supple. It’s also full of anti-ageing ingredients, and well worth the price if you’ve already tanned and you just want to maintain your glow for a little longer. 


Ziaja Subtle Bronze Body Lotion - €8.50



Nip+Fab Faux Tan Bronzing Oil

Super lightweight and hydrating, this bronzing oil comes with a hefty dose of argan oil to condition your skin while you get your glow on and polyphenols to boost your skin’s natural radiance.

Apply right after your cleaner, buffing in gently with a tanning mitt, and leave it on for six to eight hours for the best results. When you’re done, you can wash it off with lukewarm water. If you’re new to self-tanner, this is what we’d recommend you start with since you can apply it just on your face and see if you like the look before you splurge on a full-body product. 

Nip+Fab Faux Tan Bronzing Oil - €26.00 €̶3̶4̶.̶9̶5̶




St. Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan Mist

Don’t have five to six hours to wait, but you want your face to glow before you have to go out? This St. Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan Mist will give you a gorgeous, sunkissed look in an hour, a deeper golden glow in two, and if you leave it on for three hours, a beautiful bronze shine that will make you the envy of your next party. It comes with aloe vera and Vitamin E to keep your tan looking flawless and lovely, and it’s quick-drying so you don’t have to worry about staining anything while you’re waiting for your tan to appear.



St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse

Another rockstar product by St. Moriz, the clear self-tanning mousse will develop into a beautiful glow after one hour, and goes way deeper after around 8. With aloe vera and vitamin E to give your skin a hydration boost, this clear self-tanner is perfect for tanning on the go, since it doesn’t actually have colour in it - which means you can spritz on and not have to worry about leaving tanning marks on your clothes. 



If you’re looking for the best of the best in self-tanner in Malta, these are our favourites - but we’re always interested in hearing from yours! What other self-tanning products do you like? Write in and let us know! 

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