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Your Beachside Makeup, Sorted

June 11, 2020

Your Beachside Makeup, Sorted

It’s summer! You know what that means: time to hit up the beaches and get to work on your tan. Add in a good book, a cold drink, and something to keep you going, and say hello to your new lounging spot for the next few months. 

But how, you might be asking, am I going to do my face?
LUCY Lovers, we’ve heard your questions loud and clear, and we’re here to give you a simple, no-fuss makeup routine that can take you from bed-head to beach-ready in no time!


We’re not going to kid around here: sunscreen is the most important component of any beachside look, and if you’re worried about that white cast you get from your Malibu or Nivea sunscreen, we can reassure you that this Payot product settles into a ‘your skin but better glow’ with absolutely no white cast! It’s very forgiving for people with darker skintones, and that SPF50 comes with both UVA and UVB protection, making it a good all-rounder for getting the sun off of your delicate skin. We cannot stress the importance of applying sunscreen regularly, either, and this tiny, travel-friendly bottle can be popped into any bag without a problem!


PAYOT Crème Savoureuse SPF 50 Lucy makeup store malta

Tinted Moisturiser

Sunscreen can dry your skin out, so don’t skip the moisturiser! We like this tinted moisturiser from Golden Rose that can help smooth out and soften blemishes without looking cakey or settling into fine lines as the day wears on: important, as you might not have access to your makeup kit when you’re by the beach! It’s available in one of 3 shades, but if the shades are a little too light or too dark, we also sell colour drops to help customise your perfect shade.


Golden Rose Nude Look Radiant Tinted Moisturiser Lucy Makeup Store Malta


Got a few tiny spots you want to hide? Technic’s got your back with this 3-in-1 canvas concealer, a lightweight but full-coverage formula that can cover up those little blemishes you’re self-conscious about. No blemishes you want to hide, or don’t care? You do you - this can be used as a beautiful highlighter as well, or as the base for your contour: the perfect multitasking product to keep on your person at all times!
Technic 3 in 1 Canvas Concealer Malta


Oily-skinned girls, this step’s for you, especially! Need to set your skin before your final spray? We can’t rave enough about the Technic Colour Fix Correcting Powder, a powerhouse of a product that packs in setting capabilities with colour correction - say ‘bye bye’ to dark undereye circles, red blemishes, and more, because you won’t be able to see them with this on!
Technic Colour Fix Colour Correcting Pressed Powder Malta


Time to add some depth and shadow: for this, we recommend the Makeup Revolution PRO Lights & Contour Palette, which comes with 8 matte shades from light to dark, and can be used for more than just contour! It’s important to have a light hand when you’re contouring your skin: remember, it’s much, much easier to add more product than to take it away.

Why are we contouring to go to the beach? Putting on any foundation or powder will remove the natural shadows and angles of your face, so by adding a contour, you can sculpt your face how you want it to, and create a more natural look than just the foundation alone could give you!
Makeup Revolution PRO Lights & Contour Palette Malta


Mascara and the beach sounds like a tragedy waiting to be written, but Revolution’s new waterproof formula is budge-proof, and the stay-all-day formula can keep your eyes looking stunning, even behind your sunglasses. Don’t worry about the mascara flaking either: Revolution’s hour-glass applicator makes it easy to apply the most precise and light coat of mascara needed, with no excess left to flake!
Revolution The Waterproof Mascara Malta



We haven’t forgotten your brows! Your brows are one of the ‘frames’ on your face, so whenever you need to go for light makeup, don’t skimp on doing something to your brows. Here, Kelsey used the Revolution PRO Brow Fix Kit, which comes with a wax pencil and a tinted gel to create those fluffy Cara Delevingne brows that tread the line between natural and high fashion.

Revolution PRO Brow Fix Kit


Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting a lipstick: even the best nude lipstick might not look as natural as you want it to, and we’re going for all-natural this time around. Our suggestion? Go for a lip liner in a shade close to your natural lip colour, and fill in your lips with it. Our Technic Retractable lip liners come in 5 beautiful shades, so no doubt you’re going to find one that you like! Top it off with a moisturising lip oil to keep your lips looking plump and glossy all day, and you’re good to go - we like this one, also from Technic!

Setting Spray 

Want your makeup to stay, without creasing, cracking, or flaking? Maybe you’re going to go swimming, but if you don’t want your makeup to budge while you’re out, this Technic setting spray should be your go-to for a glowy finish that won’t let you down when you need it most - out on a day where you have no access to your kit.

Technic makeup setting spray malta

That’s it for our summer makeup look, but don’t be shy: write in, tell us what you like, tell us what you want us to cover next, and we’ll see you next video!

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