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Staff Faves | Suli

Hello everyone! My name is Suli, I am 26 years old and I am from Spain. I've always found myself very interested in the world of makeup, but didn’t start till my 20s for shame and fear. But today I like to consider myself as a Cheap Queen, who looks good without wasting too much time, effort or money, especially the last one.

My style is very colourful and creative since my inspiration is mostly Drag, Harajuku Fashion and Cartoons; I like to see myself in the mirror and get and instant smile. Don’t worry, if you are not a clown like me, I actually can give you some good deals and advice if you are more Kardashian and natural looking, I can do that style too, but if I see glitter, color, red lipstick... I can’t hold myself!

REVOLUTION FOREVER FLAWLESS BIRD OF PARADISE EYESHADOW PALETTE: Gurl, let me tell you something. If you are looking for pigmentation, for nice blending and a lot of colour with even creamy glitters... this is your palette. You have even pink and blue foil glitter, perfect for parties and festivals! I love this palette.

TECHNIC COLOUR REVEAL DEWY CHEEK GEL: Who doesn’t want to look healthy and show up that summery glow? I don’t know her. This gel is everything. I was not rooting for it at all at the beginning to be honest. But once I try it, I couldn’t stop. It is even the perfect gift! It's a gel that magically changes colour on your skin and adjusts to your skin tone! Not to mention the price, this product has the 3 B’s in Spanish: BUENO, BONITO Y BARATO (GOOD, PRETTY AND CHEAP).

SEVENTEEN MATTIFYING SETTING MIST OIL CONTROL: I love it. Just that. I love this product. It's perfect if you have oily skin; if you have a photo session outside and it's hot, it's divine for refreshing your skin. Personally, when I do my makeup I always do the eyes first to avoid any fall out, so like in Photoshop, I do my makeup in layers. This product is perfect for that, my shadows haven't moved in an entire night of partying.